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About us

The Kyara Company is proud to offer you the full range of real estate representation and consulting services. With more than ten years of experience and a network of legal, financial and renovation specialists, The Kyara Company is your full-service entry point for finding your dream residence on Croatia`s stunning and unspoiled Adriatic coast.

Located in the heart of historic Rovinj`s Old Town, The Kyara Company has the knowledge, experience and dedication to help you through every stage of property acquisition in "The New Tuscany."

Whether you are looking for a newly-built home in the country, or an apartment in one of historic stone villages along the coast, The Kyara Company will help you find the residence of your dreams!

We invite you to browse these listings and contact us by e-mail at or phone us at +385 52 840 480. We look forward to hearing from you!

Kyara was founded in 1989 and it was engaged by liberation of private market. The firm strategy is to find and then to present real-estate market of city of Rovinj.

Kyara was founded by two partners which even today work together. The executive function is held by Maurizio Kresina and operation logistic is Petar Rino uran. Professional interests of firm overpassed classic intermediation in selling real-estates so we also do investment councling in terms of real-estate market. Because of specific location of city of Rovinj, we choose exactly this spot (town) for presentation as in Croatia so in other countries.

Sincerely Kyara!